Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Household biogas use promoted in rural areas

(KPL) The Department of Livestock Extension and Fishery makes an effort to construct more than 400 household biogas plants throughout the country in the late six months of 2009.
The construction under the authority of the Biogas Pilot Project, aims at giving the modern technology to farmers in rural areas to use energy for their better living conditions.
The project recently was able to build 500 household biogas plants in three provinces of Savannakhet, Xiengkhouang and Vientiane Capital.

The plan was released at a meeting, on 31 July to review the achievements of the Biogas Pilot Project started in 2007.
Chaired by Deputy Director of the Livestock Extension and Fishery Department, Dr Khamphai Thammavong, the meeting was attended by representatives of agriculture and forestry services from the three provinces.
Mr Khamphai called on the participants who work for the project in the three target provinces to pass on the technique of building household biogas plant to locals in rural areas.

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