Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Preparation for 450th anniversary of Vientiane celebration on track

(KPL) The Executive Board of Vientiane Capital convened a meeting on 3 August, to review the preparing frameworks for the 450th proclamation anniversary of Vientiane as the national capital.
The celebration is a remarkable event for ethnic people nationwide, particularly Vientiane residents.
Vientiane Administration staffs at all levels are now focusing on the implementation of all movements in the preparation framework of the celebration.
The plenary meeting of organizing committees for the celebration of the 450th proclamation anniversary of Vientiane took place at Vientiane Administration Office under the chairmanship of Vientiane Mayor Sombath Yialiher who is the Deputy Chairman of the Organising Committee for the celebration.
Deputy Vientiane Mayor Somvandy Nathavong passed a progressive report on preparing the celebration of the 450th proclamation anniversary of Vientiane as the national capital, 2009’s second half plan, focal draft plan and a work plan for the year 2010, Prime Minister’s draft notice on the celebration of the 450th proclamation anniversary.
The report also pointed that Vientiane Administration would organise a meeting of Vientiane Party Cell to stimulate the implementation of the sixth five-year plan for socio-economic development.
In general Vientiane enjoys political stability and social orderliness basically.
Another important campaign is the dispatch of civil servants to the grassroots for strengthening political base, and creating development village cluster. Under this campaign, ten villages have been already declared development village cluster.
The GDP of Vientiane has increased by 11.91 %, the per capita income averaged US$1,829/year and different economic sectors have seen a constant growth.
At the same time, Vientiane was able to attract grant aids and loans from friendly countries, with an amount of over US$3.19 million of grant aid for 36 projects. The administration granted investment licenses to 37 private foreign companies, worth US$35.8 million in the first half of this year, Vientiane.
While 64 local private companies received investment licenses from Vientiane worth 451,849 billion kip.
The urban infrastructure construction project in Vientiane is in progress including the expansion of rural electricity, which is now covered by 99.4% and water supply covered by 70% out of 500 villages in Vientiane.
In preparation for the celebration of the 450th anniversary, the organising committee has completed the compilation of Vientiane history, an image of the new urban planning for 2020 has achieved 80%, and a number of public parks in Vientiane have already been decorated with flowers.
The construction of Dongdok-Thanaleng road is in progress as planned and the main roads in Vientiane have also been upgraded.

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