Thursday, August 6, 2009

High-level meeting on controlling cigarette consumption The Ministry of Education and the Inter-ministerial Tobacco Control Committee jointly held a meeting on disseminating information on the harmful effects of cigarette smoking in Vientiane.
on 4 August.
This meeting was attended by Mrs Sengdeuane, Deputy-Minister of Education, Mr Sath Insixiengmai, Chairman of the Inter-ministerial Tobacco Control Committee, and representatives from four district education services.
The event focused on increasing knowledge on the control on tobacco and cigarettes and how to teach school children about the harmful effects of cigarette smoking.
Regarding the work on controlling cigarette smoking, the delegates stated that it is up to the mayor of Vientiane to decide on the areas that should be smoke free, such as offices, schools, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, markets, bus stations, public parks, temples etc in Vientiane Capital.

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