Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cambodian court ordered Mu Sochua to pay 16.5 million riels in compensation to Mr. Hun Sen

Ms. Mu Sochua holding a candle in salute after leaving the court.

Source: Deum Ampil newspaper
Reported in English by Khmerization

A Cambodian court has on the morning of 4th August ordered Ms. Mu Sochua to pay 16.5 million riels (~$US4100), 8.5 million riels in fines and 8 million riels in compensation to Prime Minister Hun Sen after he had successfully sued her for defamation, in a decision viewed by observers as politically motivated.

The court hearing on the morning of 4th August was attended by Ms Mu Sochua, Mr. Sam Rainsy, President of the Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) as well as diplomats and representatives of the civil society.

Ms Mu Sochua and the SRP have said that they will pay the fines and will not appeal the court decision as they think that it is a waste of time, considering that the court is controlled by Mr. Hun Sen.

The SRP said that the party will pay the fines on Ms Mu Sochua's behalf as they said that private donations from Ms Mu Sochua's sympathisers had surpassed the amount of the fines.

According to everyday.com.kh, the SRP and the Human Right Party (HRP) have immediately released a statement repudiating the court decision.

The statement stated that Ms. Mu Sochua should not be judged by an incompetent, a non-independent and a biased court such as the Cambodian court. The statement went further by saying that this biased court had thrown out Ms Mu Sochua's lawsuit against Mr. Hun Sen even though she has sufficient evidence. It went further by saying that Ms Mu Sochua was the victim of Mr Hun Sen's slander, but instead she was stripped of her parliamentary immunity and charged with defaming Mr. Hun Sen.

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