Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Appeal Court upholds Hang Chakra’s sentence: Travesty of justice perpetuated

Hang Chakra (R) at his arrival in court for appeal hearing (Photo: DAP news)

In the morning of 11 August 2009, the judge of the Phnom Penh Appeal Court handed down the decision on the lawsuit against Hang Chakra, the Editor-in-chief of the Khmer Machas Srok newspaper. In its decision, the appeal court upheld the sentence handed down to Hang Chakra, namely 1-year of prison sentence and 9 million riels ($2,250) fine.

Chuon Chou-ngy, Hang Chakra’s defense lawyer, said: “If my client wants to appeal his case to the Supreme Court, I will do as my client orders me to.”

In the hearing, Hang Chakra (allegedly) acknowledged the mistakes he has committed as he was accused.

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