Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is money?

Money can be lost, gained, or spent in dreaming. Dreams about money are often really about power, control, and competency. Consequently, the larger perspective of who is interacting with you around money and what your role in the transaction is are important features of the dream.

Many people who dream about money are controlled by it-the desire for it, the lack of it, or the inability to control themselves with it. This last category is seen most clearly in money dreams experienced by people who re drowning in debt.

If you gain money in a dream, note from whom and under what circumstances. This may be a dream about blessing. The gain of money in this instance is more a gain of emotional power and renewal through a completed relationship that no longer depletes the soul.

You may see yourself as having great wealth to dole out to others. This is often a symbol of needing to convey blessing onto others. The true need is rarely financial, but a need to help others.

Losing money for no apparent reason is the picture of being unable to control oneself. The lack of control may actually be in the area of money, but it may also be the inability to restrain oneself from over-committing resources emotionally or otherwise.

In your waking life, how do you perceive and value money? In some families, money is an object taken for granted, in others it is a powerful symbol of control, influence, or status. Whether or not you have money problems, money dreams could reveal feelings about your relationship with power.

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