Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pounding the Pavement

http://static.stuff.co.nz/1191236400/603/79603.jpgSometimes life is not fair. I am extra, super-duper, unreasonably, over-exhausted this evening. I haven't a strand of creativity remaining. My eyelids keep banging together like shutters in a storm and my head is bopping around like a buoy. This vaguely conjures up an image of a lighthouse in my fuzzy, foggy mind. I am probably committing a cardinal sin against the guiding principles of the blogosphere...thou shalt not blog while sleepy. The real problem is that I want to blog and I tend to allow myself to do what I want.

Oh yes, and back to why life is not fair. You know why I am enduring this extra measure of fatigue? I wore these today.Sorry to disappoint you...I did not accomplish fabulous things on the treadmill like reading Ayn Rand whilst burning 800 calories. I merely completed my activities of daily life. And I wore these shoes. When did I get so old that just wearing shoes is some kind of workout? Am I on the cusp of the ripe old age of being too feeble and frail to carry a purse too?

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