Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hostel 2 (2007) - DVDrip

Beginning where Hostel ended, Paxton (Jay Hernandez), now in seclusion with his girlfriend Stephanie (Jordan Ladd), disregards her pleas to report his friends' deaths. In the morning, Stephanie discovers Paxton's decapitated body in the kitchen. In Slovakia, a mysterious package is delivered to Sasha (Milan Knažko). In Italy, art students Beth (Lauren German), Whitney (Bijou Phillips) and Lorna (Heather Matarazzo) are convinced by Axelle (Vera Jordanova) to join her on a spa vacation. The party travels to a small Slovak village and checks into the local hostel and retires to their rooms, allowing the desk clerk time to upload their passport photos to an online auction website, where American businessman Todd (Richard Burgi) bids on and wins Whitney and Beth, for himself and his best friend Stuart (Roger Bart).

Later that night at the village's "Harvest Festival," as the girls socialize with the locals, Lorna discovers that Beth previously inherited a vast fortune from her mother. As Todd and Stuart observe the girls from across the river, Stuart approaches Beth and the two share a friendly if awkward conversation before separating. An intoxicated Lorna leaves with Roman, a charismatic local, on a boat ride to a secluded shore, where Lorna is kidnapped by Roman and two accomplices. Beth and Whitney leave the party, while Axelle volunteers to wait for Lorna. The next morning the three girls, assuming Lorna is enjoying Roman's company, travel to the local spa. Meanwhile, a naked Lorna is shackled upside-down in a large room, where a woman (Monika Malacova) enters, named Elizabeth Báthory in reference to the infamous serial killer. She undresses and lies beneath Lorna in a candlelit recess. After ripping into Lorna's body with a scythe and bathing in her blood, she slits Lorna's throat with a sickle. At the spa, Beth awakes to find herself alone and her belongings stolen. As she looks for her friends, she notices two men approaching her, and escapes into the forest, where she is ambushed by the "Bubblegum Gang" before being rescued by Axelle and Sasha. As Beth is taken to Sasha's mansion, she realizes that Sasha and Axelle are responsible for Whitney and Lorna's disappearances and tries to hide, uncovering a room filled with severed heads, including Paxton's, before being kidnapped.

Deep inside the factory, a sobbing Whitney is strapped to a chair in a cell and teased by Todd with a circular saw. Overwhelmed with excitement, Todd accidentally maims her face and in his ensuing panic and revulsion refuses to kill her, prompting the guards to send the dogs to kill him for violating his contract. The guards bandage Whitney and show her photograph to other clients in adjoining cells, offering her at a discount. Stuart, now torturing Beth, accepts the offer and kills Whitney. As he returns to Beth, she tricks him into releasing her and traps him in the chair. After inadvertently activating the alarm, summoning both the security guards and Sasha to the cell, Beth offers to buy her freedom with part of her inheritance. When Sasha explains to her that she must kill somebody to leave, Beth cuts Stuart's genitalia off and tosses it to the guard dogs who eat them, and then she leaves him to bleed to death. Per the standard contract, Beth is given an Elite Hunting tattoo. In the closing sequence, Axelle is lured from the village festival into the woods by the Bubblegum Gang, where Beth surprises and decapitates her, allowing the gang to play football with her head.

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