Monday, March 9, 2009

Easy way to setup CO.CC domain in Blogger

Hey friends, Mention below are the some of the easy steps you may need to convert your boring "YourOwnDomain.blogspot. com" address to new "" domain service.

สวัสดีเพือน ต้อนนี้ผมมีขาวไหม่มาบอก ว่า BlogSpot สามารถเปียนเป็น ได้แล้ว

ដំណឹងពិសេស សំរាប់អ្នក​ប្រើប្លុក​ស្ប៉តទាំងអស់ឲ្យបានជ្រាបថា នៅពេលនេះ មិត្រទាំងអស់ អាចប្ដូរឈ្មោះ​ចាស់​ មកប្រើឈ្មោះថ្មី ហើយខ្លី ក្នុងការងាយស្រួលចាំ​ ជាមួយ


How to Setup: / របៀបធ្វើ / วิธีทำ


Create your free account here and test drive this free service. and your Domain must be the same blogger Domain: =>

ត្រូវដាក់ឈ្មោះឲ្យដូចក្នងប្លុកចាស់របស់យើងចឹង =>

-เอาชือให้เหมือนชื่อปล็อกเดิม อย่างเช่น =>


Click "Set up" box → Zone RecordsAdd record as below

Then, you also should add 3 more time zone to the settings. Why we do this? This is to make sure that your domain also can be access with and without the www infront of it. So, if anyone type instead of, they will be directed to your

First, you need to add 3 more Zone Record follow by the following diagram. Make sure the Type is A, not CNAME. We have already setup CNAME before. Also do not include the WWW in the domain host. Just put Then, use the following for the Value:


Host TTL Type Priority Value 1 D A 1 D A 1 D A 1 D CNAME


In your blogger account then go to settings of your blog and then click on publishing.

After that click on advanced settings and fill in your new "" domain name.

Fill in the rest of the easy fields. And then you are ready to go..

Just follow these 2 steps and after 5-30 min your blog will be ready to run on this custom domain name. these steps will also work with other domain registrar.

The best thing about this free domain, you have chance to try before you ready to have our .com (etc) domain from other paid service, and your also cant forward or redirect your old domain to new .com (etc) domain.

So what are you waiting people get your very own free account here !!!

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