Saturday, March 7, 2009

Die Hard 4.0 (2007)

Finally, my curiosity was satisfied and for the first time in a long time, my high expectations were more than met. I watched Die Hard 4 last night and…. WOW!! I couldnt watch first few mins because my dig peed on my lag (ewwww!!) When I got in, Bruce Willis was having an argument with his daughter at 3:00 a.m. with her boyfriend in the middle, then he gets a call from the police chief telling him to escort some computer hacker to the FBI. Apparently, the FBI were not the only ones after this kid. So, as usual, Willis is at the wrong place at the wrong time (yeah!). And that was when the movie and the “Die Hard” theme began. Starting that moment till the very end of the movie, the action does not stop, things blowing up left and right, bullets flying around all over the place, people flying off buildings, people being kicked out of windows, crazy car chases, and much more. You would think that Willis is old and not up for a movie like this, but he did an awesome job. He was able to keep the “Die Hard” feeling alive, you know how he ends up all bloody and bruised, yet kicks the shit out of everybody; he succeeded.

I dont want to ruin the movie for anyone but to give you a brief. Basically, it is a group of cyber terrorists who pretty much hack the whole country and end up controlling pretty much everything. Their aim is to cripple the country and do so by disrupting traffic, gaining control over a chemical factory, and shutting down the electricity. Why they do that and who is behind it are two things you need to watch the movie to know. If I say anything more, I might ruin it for you, although it is known people dont watch Die Hard for the story but for the action it packs in.

One thing for sure is the action is intense and Luckily, there was only one small kiss, which was naturally cut off. You see cars blowing up and flying around like they were paper bags or something, cars blasting through buildings and other things, a battle between a 12-wheeler and a fighter jet hovering in the middle of a multi-story bridge, fighting scenes that make you think you are watching the Matrix or X-Men. I am trying to think of any moment when I was bored during the movie…… I cant!! I highly recommend you to watch it and do NOT, I repeat do NOT, waste such an incredible movie by getting it on DVD and watching it as home, this is a must see at the cinema. There is a trailer in between this review, check it out. . Enjoy!! And as Willis’ signature line in all Die Hards: “Yippie Kay Yay Motherfucker” woohoooo.

Final rating:- 9.5/10

Download Full Movie in Mobile Format (Just 97mb) Download HERE
You will need VLC Media Player to play the movie, Download VLC media player HERE

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