Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Audio Player Blogspot & Wordpress

For Wordpress:

Once installed, this plugin allows you to insert mp3 audio files into your posts and pages. Use the following syntax:


This code will insert a flash player and will load the file named name_of_mp3_file.mp3 located in your audio files folder. You can store your audio files anywhere in the web root as long as you update the path in the plugin’s options panel. The default is /audio.

You can also use absolute paths to link to files on other servers:


Audio Player can also play a sequence of audio clips. Use commas to separate the files:



Default colour scheme

Custom colour scheme

if not support Click here to Download Flash player

Colour scheme

The entire player colour scheme is customisable. Use the Audio Player options panel in your WP admin to set the colour scheme of your player. You can also change the colours per player instance by using runtime options. Here are the colours that you can set:

Player colour options

Runtime options

Use these if you want to use a different colour scheme for a particular player instance. You can also make the player open automatically or loop the loaded clip. You can pass a number of options to a player instance. To do this use the following syntax:

Option Effect
autostart=yes The player will automatically open and start to play the track (default value is no)
loop=yes The track will be looped indefinitely (default value is no)
bg=0xHHHHHH Background colour option (where HHHHHH is a valid hexadecimal colour value such as FFFFFF or 009933)
leftbg=0xHHHHHH Left background colour
rightbg=0xHHHHHH Right background colour
rightbghover=0xHHHHHH Right background colour (hover)
lefticon=0xHHHHHH Left icon colour
righticon=0xHHHHHH Right icon colour
righticonhover=0xHHHHHH Right icon colour (hover)
text=0xHHHHHH Text colour
slider=0xHHHHHH Slider colour
loader=0xHHHHHH Loader bar colour
track=0xHHHHHH Progress track colour
border=0xHHHHHH Progress track border colour

This will set the main background colour of the player to black and automatically start the player when the page loads.

For Blogspot:

Copy this code:

Audio Player 2.0 beta

Custom colour scheme


if not support Click here to Download Flash player

Default colour scheme

Other Style with


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