Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sri Lankan capital, military base bombed by rebel aircraft

Sri Lankan capital, military base bombed by rebel aircraft

COLOMBO, Oct. 28 A power station in the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo was slightly damaged after being bombed by Tamil Tiger rebels late Tuesday night, defense officials said.

Officials from the Defense Ministry said the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) launched an air attack at the Kelani-Tissa power plant late Tuesday night and "caused minor damages to the premises."

Local media quoted military sources as saying that the Colombo bombing came shortly after LTTE aircraft attacked Taladdi military base in the northern Mannar district around 11 p.m. (1730 GMT).

A pro-LTTE website said Taladdi is the main artillery and Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher launchpad of the Sri Lanka Army in Mannar.

However, the bombing of the military base has not been officially confirmed by the government.

In Colombo, fire brigade was rushed to Kelani-Tissa power station after the bombing. Local media said one person was injured in the bombing.

Anti-aircraft gun fire was seen above Colombo around 1130 p.m. local time (1730 GMT) as air defense system was alerted in the capital.

Pro-LTTE sources said Air Force fighter jets were seen over several rebel-held towns in the north including the LTTE's administrative center of Kilinochchi.

Power supply in Colombo resumed after a blackout of about one hour.

Government troops and the LTTE are fighting a fierce battle in the north as military leaders vow to totally crush the organization within one year.

Claiming discrimination at the hands of Sinhalese-dominated governments, the LTTE has been fighting for an independent Tamil homeland in the north and east for more than two decades, resulting in the killing of more than 70,000 people.

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